Wednesday, March 12, 2008

KD and the Alpha Resort

Another good sleep in the car before being up for the 8am gondola with MH to TRIPLE CORNICE KD on Saturday the 8th. Bluebird day and a 320cm base on the ski area, but unfortunately it was a little windy at times. Got the hike going at 8:45 AM and hit the cornice after 52 minutes. The peak was definitely looking like an option today, except two snowpits in a row cracked after five or six taps from the wrist. Decided it was MUCH better to ride the trees than to get out in the open and ride the bowl. Other people went up to the peak and came down without problems, but we weren`t about to take the risk. Anyway, sweet turns on the ride down, so we got back into our snowshoes and hiked back to the cornice for a second run in one hour ten - the extra time used to hook up with MKeith and friends who had just gotten in. The second run was really sweet, so we had to go back for a third - this time a tough 50 minutes. The sun was just starting to go down behind the peak, but we managed to start shredding the third line before the snow started to crust up. Sweet day, but thrashed at the end.

After a second night in the car with MH we got set to ride Tomamu for the first time this season. No new snow here, spring-like conditions and a bit of wind again unfortunately though. Skied in the morning for two hours, before changing over to the UnInc to ride the park for another three in the afternoon. Met up with MH`s Mixi friends, who turned out to be pretty cool, and after a few runs started hiking the box. Couple of new tricks came out of nowhere too. Stoked, but exhausted - tough drive home too...

Photo - MH at KD.

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