Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three-Day Weekend!!!

Unfortunately the sun was blazing, there was no new snow and we only got two days on the mountain. Still me and MH crashed in a local carpark and hit Secret Spot 25B on Saturday the 9th. The hike took 1 hour 55 as the tracks from last week were still visible, so it was an easy climb to the top. Bit hard underneath on the way down, but got some good turns too. Not a lot of motivation to hike a second time though...

From there we went to Asahikawa for the night, before heading out to Piyashiri for old times sake on the Sunday. MH was set to ride with her sister, and I was ready to hike a neighbouring mountain with Dogg and Big Sexy... except they didn`t show... until later anyway... Spent the morning on skis and the afternoon on the board with the girls instead. Pretty fun day, as opposed to Monday, which was just the LONG drive home.

Scored some waves on Tuesday too, which was my first session of the year. It had been snowing overnight, so I pulled out the bodyboard to warmup(???) with, and paddled out in some pretty frigid water after work finished. The waves were probably waist-chest high, as well as being really clean, so it was a nice cold-water session - although after a couple of months break I was definitely feeling it by the end. Spent 45 minutes out there until the streetlights came on and it was time to get out.

Photo - MH at Secret Spot 25B, and yes, this photo WAS posed...

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