Monday, January 21, 2008

Tahoe 2008

Drove out to Tahoe with Joe between storms 1 and 2 in the Monster Storm and went out to Homewood to ski some pretty sweet pow on Saturday January the 5th. We turned up at 12:30 and stayed until closing at 4pm and it snowed the whole time. The first run, in particular, was tough being on skis in deep pow, but by the end I was feeling pretty good. They opened up the Ellis Chair eventually, so I got to ski the whole mountain as well. Cool, although three of my fingers did go numb on the lift ride up. The pow was unreal and the website said they had gotten 18-30 INCHES of new snow, which seemed pretty accurate! Fun day all round.

Sunday the 6th did some solo snowboarding at Alpine Meadows, which is an awesome resort as well. Lots of gnarly terrain combined with totally sweet powder! Rode the afternoon and even though it had been tracked in the morning, still got plenty of faceshots. Did a lot of runs down Sympathy Face, which was steep, deep and had plenty of rocks to drop off - only managed to find them on my last couple of runs though. Thanks to the Tahoe local for showing me the best ones.

Back to Petaluma in between storms two and three, although number three didn't seem to have as much power as the first two, which was good - five feet of new snow in two days is plenty!

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