Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SDY to KD for Christmas

Sunday the 23rd it was out to San Dan Yama with MH under blue skies and with very little wind. The hike took a while to find its rhythm though as we kept falling into step with a couple of other groups and it took a while to shake them. Hit the top after 2 hours 40 - the last push was tough though as the snow was deep in parts. Rode the bowl today, and although the powder was deeeeep, we had to unstrap at the bottom of it and hike a bit before strapping in again - always frustrating. Kinda sums up the day too...

Monday the 24th it was back to KD with MH for Christmas Eve. Rang the office on the way out to get the forecast of cloud and not much wind. However when we got there it was bluebird with no wind at all. AWESOME! Got the 9:40am gondola, then the chair lift, before starting the hike at 10:15am. 37 minutes to the cornice today, no breaks, and then went straight on to the summit. Peaked in 1 hour 10 at 11:25am. Without doubt, my fastest summit here - sometimes it can take three hours to get to the top. MH got up in around 1 hour 30 too. Ripped most of the bowl before hiking back up and across, and then riding down through the trees from the cornice. Nice lines! Unfortunately there were too many things to get done to consider a second hike though. Be back for New Years though.

Photo - Trees at San Dan Yama

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