Sunday, December 9, 2007

KD Round Three

Drove out to KD Friday night with MH and crashed in the carpark, before waking up to get started on cooked breakfasts and pow on Saturday the 8th. Cloud, light snow and no wind meant IT WAS ON and we grabbed the 9am gondola up the mountain - bit disappointed we didn`t get on any earlier ones, but the breakfast was pretty good. The course hadn`t been groomed, so we had to rip one line down (on the Malolo today), before starting the climb. Hiked the cornice twice today. The first hike was tough as the snow was deep and the trail was fresh, so it took an hour to get up there. The second was easier and we got up there in 50. No complaints about either of the lines though. Deep!

After a late start, due to festivities with Dogg and the Valet in the Ghetto, it was back to KD on Sunday the 9th with MH and Dogg for more of the same as the day before. Cloud, light snow and no wind - but while Saturday was deep, Sunday was deeeeeeper. Pulled out the skis for my first ever attempt in the backcountry too. The trail had been well established by the time we started the hike around lunchtime and it only took 55 minutes today. It was a bit weird using the snowshoes with ski boots, but I got up there nonetheless. The stability was confirmed and after eating Dogg`s gourmet sandwiches, we set up for a sick line down. Well, Dogg and MH had a sick line down. I, on the other hand, had to fight for every turn. There were moments of greatness, some moments of technical expertise, and not to mention some pretty spectacular crashes. Most importantly though, it was ridiculously fun. Dogg left after that, MH called for time out, so I took a few more runs on my own, and fortunately the course still hadn`t really been groomed. AWESOME.

Photo - MH and Kurodake

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