Monday, December 17, 2007

And then... to KD

Summit-Cornice KOMBO at KD on Saturday the 15th! Crashed in the carpark with MH Friday night and woke up to meet Dogg for first gondola. The weather was cloudy, sunny at times, and apparently there was a little bit of wind, but it didn`t feel like much of anything - AWESOME!

The first climb started at 9:30ish and it took 45 minutes of breaking trail to get to the cornice. Hung out there for 25 minutes, dug some snow pits, confirmed the stability, and with the weather good we headed on to the summit. From here the hike got harder. In spring it`s usually firm nearer the top, but today the snow was deep and the going tough. Took 60 minutes of slog to finally get over the top - felt good to be there and the view over the back was awesome! On the snowboard today (Malolo) and as the visibility started to go bad we ripped halfway down the bowl before hiking straight over skier`s left to ride the bowl back to the top of the ski lift. Nice.

The second hike was just with Dogg and it took 40 minutes to get back up to the cornice. The trail was well-established by now, but the legs were definitely feeling it by the end. This time I was on the skis, and due to general fatigue my line didn`t go so well... But I got down nonetheless!

Saturday night it was out east to the Ghetto for debriefing with Dogg and the Valet, before getting back to KD on Sunday the 16th with MH and Dogg to meet the Hawaiian PUNCH. Wasn`t feeling in such good condition, but my mood changed when we drove into the carpark to find it covered in a LOT of new snow. Up the gondola and the chair lift for a lunchtime start to the hike. Fortunately this meant the trail was already broken and so it only took 40 minutes to take the cornice with cloud, light snow and not much wind - although there were a few gusts from time to time. Back on the snowboard today and the lines down were AWESOME. A little bumpy in places but BIG SPRAYS. The drive home was tough but it was a great weekend all round!

Photo - MH and Kurodake (Dogg in background).

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